Five Back-to-School Lunch Box Ideas

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Food planning is one of the most challenging tasks for moms, most especially for our kids when they get back to school. Most of the kids I know are picky eaters who prefer sweets and junk foods. Even my two-year-old son sometimes choose chocolates over a rice meal which really saddened me as a parent. And since he will start schooling this month of June, I need to prepare something he would enjoy and healthy at the same time. 

So I did a little research and listed them down to help other mommies on this food gameplan!
Chicken Fajitas (Source:
This recipe is high in Vitamin A that helps maintain healthy vision and skin. It is also a source of iron that is needed for red blood cell formation. I love that this is very easy to prepare yet full of nutrients to help our kid's energy last throughout the day. You can get the recipe here.

Pizza Roll Ups (Source:
If you are a mom who loves to bake, why not make a homemade pizza! Not just your little one will enjoy but the whole family as well! Check the recipe here. Looking at the picture makes me want a pizza delivery! Lols.
Barbecue Chicken Fried Rice (Source:
You will never go wrong with this because kids love barbecue! Get the recipe here.


Kids love variety. According to Jackie NewgentRDN, "To carry them well throughout the day, children need a little of everything, including protein for their muscles, carbohydrates for energy and their brain, as well as various nutrients that each provides unique functions."

Mac & Cheese (Source:
Does your kid loves pasta? Try this Mac & Cheese and add brocolli or cauliflower in with the pasta. Pair it with your kid's favorite drink so he/she will enjoy the meal even more. 

Hope you find this post helpful!
Any baon / lunch box ideas in mind? I would love to hear it! 

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  1. Looking at this lunch box...I don't mind to bring this to work. Look pretty and delicious too.

  2. These look so lovingly packed and sweet, they look too cute to eat!

  3. Great ideas for when i have kids in the future. But for now, these are great ideas for me to bring stuff from home to work.

  4. I used to prepare my lunch box everyday but now its too busy I have no time to do it (guilty here). I like your shared ideas especially the fajitas. Make it more spicy too!

  5. Those are some really yummy lunchbox ideas. I like wraps a lot and look to preparing such treats for the kids come the new school term.

  6. These are great ideas for working people as well, if they pack their lunch. I am not such a person as I work from home.

  7. I think the statement "Kids love variety" does not apply to my son. hehehe! My son likes to eat his usual baon, he can eat sandwich (with chocolate spread or peanut butter) everyday in school. Ako na nagsasawa sa gusto niya na baon but it made my life easier kasi wala kahirap-hirap sa pagprepare.

  8. Oh my all of these lunch boxes look so good. Certainly great ideas for the future- cheers to the share!

  9. Preparing food for our kids is never easy. It has to taste delicious. It has to look good and appealing to their eyes. It has to be nutritious. Ang daming considerations hahaha :D

  10. Thanks for sharing such a great idea. Will try to do some for my children.

  11. the food looks so good I will eat it all by myself... lol... more please

  12. I no longer need to pack kiddie lunch boxes for school. But these ideas are also great even for snacking at home. They look fun to eat and healthy as well.

  13. Indeed a nice way to encourage our kids to study more and enjoy school. I too would love to open my lunch box and see those gorgeous meals prepared by my mom if only I am still studying.

  14. These are such great ideas. I'm starting work soon and this will be so useful for me :P

  15. That's such Creative and healthy meals in a lunch box! I am sure the kids will look forward to meals like this Everyday!

  16. The lunch box is healthy and children will love it as it colorful

  17. Its very important post . I realize the kids love to grab food or snack outside the school . Some of them is unhealthy food like junk food or sweet . This would be make the parents stress . Must should be creative to make the kid love the home food than outside.

    This idea is brilliant . Thanks for sharing


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