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Whenever moms are gathered together, they inevitably share their experiences of motherhood. Whether these episodes are happy or sad, frustrating or fulfilling, it is always comforting to know that there's a fellow mom who understands you have been going through. 

Every mom has a #TeamMom. It is a group of moms who have come together, either through shared interest or common history, to savor the rollercoaster ride of motherhood. So, let me introduce my #TeamMom. We even call ourselves the "Hottest Mommas" lols. Because, why not? I met them when I started blogging and they turned out to be my real-life friends. We see each other once in a while enjoying good food and talk about everything. I feel so lucky that I have met these wonderful mommies. 

Meet my #TeamMom (L-R) Melisa, Nilyn, Berlin, me and Madz
Mommy Mundo's banner event, Expo Mom has always been committed to its vision of being the source of parenting trends and information, the wellspring of modern mommy products and services, and the launch pad for exciting campaigns, advocacies and groundbreaking ideas.

As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year in 2017, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. It kicks off a year-long celebration at its first leg to be held on May 5-7 at the Glorietta Activity Center, showcasing more than 80 booths of its top picks for mom, baby and kid-focused products and services, onstage talks and demos and lots of exciting perks and side activities. 

Be inspired by #TeamMoms across the country as Expo Mom gives recognition to remarkably resilient mom squads. Pay tribute to #TeamMoms that have grown up together from grade school to mom school. #TeamMoms that have conquered seemingly insurmountable adversities and #TeamMoms that are changing the world in their own special way. Share your own #TeamMom story on social media from now until November and you and your mommy friends get the chance to have an appliance showcase from Electrolux, a much-needed vacation in Tagaytay or even Taiwan! You can find the details here.

In addition, they are also giving away a shopping spree to Expo Mom 2017! Make sure to check the simple mechanics here

Entrance to Expo Mom 2017 is a 25 pesos donation, proceeds of which will go to the MomShare which benefits disadvantaged mothers, babies, and children. Mommy Mundo Passport holders will get a free Mommy Mundi tote bag and freebies (while supplies last). Don't have a passport yet? You can apply here

Come and join! Bring your #TeamMom along and together find practical and effective solutions to mommy challenges and concerns! See you all there!

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