Wild Peach - Great Dupe for Z Palette and my BeautyMNL Experience

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Wild Peach Personal + Professional Bundle 680php

Ever since I started using make up, I never thought of using magnetic palette because I only used few make up products that I can slid inside my makeup bag. I thought it is just a waste of money and I want to see my make up in their beautiful packaging. However, after I graduated from a makeup school (my makeup school musings here) and "hoarding" more makeup products to be used for my future clients, I realized that bringing them (powder foundations, blushes etc.) separately sometimes needs a lot of work and attention. You might loose one without noticing it where you can put them together in just one palette. 

Upon searching, I found Z Palette at Suesh in Trinoma worth 980php (large palette) but had second thoughts in buying because I find it pricey. Z Palette is known for their wide variety of customable magnetic palettes, from different sizes and designs. Few days after as I was browsing at the BeautyMNL  - a go-to beauty destination where you can shop from their 300+ brands, I found these Wild Peach magnetic palletes which costs way cheaper and in an instant, I ordered not one, but two since I bought it in a bundle and let me tell you this, for a discounted price!  


BeautyMNL is also an online magazine that provides fun and insightful articles about beauty, health and lifestyle. 

Anyway, the ordering process is the same with the other online shops I have tried like Luxola and Glamourbox. Yet this time, I chose their Cash-On-Delivery (COD) option to see how fast my items will get at my doorstep. They also have payment methods like via credit card, Paypal and bank deposit, whichever suits you. To my surprise, my items arrived the next day.

I commend BeautyMNL for their fast delivery and neat packaging! The items were enclosed in a ziplock type of bag and fully-secured with bubble wraps. They also marked the package "Fragile" for an extra care while handling. 

I am super happy with my new magnetic palettes and definitely this won't be the last to purchase at BeautyMNL website. 

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