The Battle of Hand Creams (H2O+, The Face Shop, Marks & Spencer)

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As I have mentioned in my H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream review, my hands are experiencing dryness which tends to get itchy and resulted to some sort of skin asthma. Because of this, I needed something that hydrates my skin all the time. Last Christmas, I received two hand creams and I thought of why not do a comparison review for the three hand creams that I currently have. 

And they are:
H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream,
The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfumed Hand Cream, and
Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Rose Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream

Design-wise, they all look nice and pretty but I choose TFS Cherry Blossom as my favorite. I love its cherry blossom design and the twist off cap is unique from other hand creams. 

H20+ for 60ml 390php
The Face Shop 270php for 30ml (6usd from the website)
Marks & Spencer for 100ml - this comes with a hand wash roughly 700php/set (15usd)

Luckily, they are all available locally, you can find H2o+ at or you can visit their stand at SM Department Store (SM North Edsa), not sure though to other SM Mall branches. The Face Shop and Marks & Spencer stores are almost in every leading malls in the country.  

L-R H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream, The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfumed Hand Cream, Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Rose Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream

They almost have the same consistency that is lightweight and is easily absorbed that makes my skin soft and supple.

H20+ has this unique organic scent that uplifts your mood every time you use it. The smell brings you to a "mini spa" while lathering it to your skin. The Face Shop, on the other hand has this sweet floral scent like a body lotion from The Body Works. It has a very light scent which is perfect for everyday use. Lastly, you will definitely smell the rose in Marks & Spencer Floral Collection.

From the three, the unique scent of H20+ stays longer on the skin. 

To wrap it up, if you want something unique and has a refreshing scent I definitely recommend H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream but I don't see myself using it on a daily basis and that is where The Face Shop Cherry Blossom Daily Perfumed Hand Cream comes in as an alternative. I'm not really a fan of roses so Mark and Spencer is my least favorite. 

So what's your favorite hand cream?
Do let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Nice post. I like citrusy, berry notes in my handcreams. My Mum loves Roses, and she loves the M&S handcream :)

    Nivea Fruity Lip Care Strawberry Review | Curious And Confused Me

  2. Like you, I'm not fond of roses or any flower scent so I will also choose H20.

  3. I'm also a super fan of hand creams! I have a lot, seriously :)

  4. I was using the Marks and Spencer and sobrang tinitipid ko sya gamitin! im super addicted to their smell...

  5. I love hand creams from The Body Shop! :) but H2O+ seems worth a try as I'm not into flowery scents.

  6. I love thick hand creams that smell good. Scent is very important to me.

  7. Gusto ko yung mabango! I think I'll go with Mark & Spencer.

  8. I've never heard of the H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream but it sounds ideal for my dry hands :)

  9. Love posts like this - I find them so interesting! I love te smell of Cherry blossoms

  10. I think the H20 has the best value in this case since it lasts longer on the skin. But the other two are nice as well. Especially with the scents. I don't really use hand lotions that often but it would be nice to try one of these!

  11. i need this! my hands look like a man's. all dry and veiny. hahaa

  12. I think I need this :) This really looks a great product. I should check it out ans see :)

  13. I love hand cream and you have just reminded me that I need to get more!

  14. I love any type of scents so I would love to try all of these. However, I'm leaning more towards the H20 because it's sounding really great.

  15. Not really into hand cream but I guess I need one. I'm doing most of the house chores which makes my hands too veiny.

  16. Looks like good products. I have my go to products and tend to stick to them though.

  17. They all look pretty neat :) I'm on the opposite end when it comes to roses - I love the smell, so I think I'll try Marks & Spencer one, especially that we've got their stores where I live.

  18. i like a refreshing scent which would make the h20 a winner for me. i am very scent sensitive so i have to picky about which ones i get

  19. I have very dry hands from the constant hand washing because of the baby. I like hand creams that contains a lot of moisturizer in them.

  20. I have the H2O hand cream and I love it. What a great review.

  21. Love your comparison review. The H20 sounds great and looks nice.

  22. Thanks for the reminder...I have not been paying enough attention to my hands at all.

  23. Hand creams are always present in my bag :) I'd love to try the H2o

  24. Actually I don't have a hand cream and I think my hands need it. Thanks for the review. This will help me to choose what best product I should buy.

  25. I'm so low maintenance; my body lotions serves as my hand lotion, too, but I'd love to try the H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres


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