From Black to Ash Blonde: Bangs T&J Salon Experience

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Good day beauties! 
After contemplating for a new hair color for months now, at last! Daddy E granted and he even paid for it hehehe. After canvassing from one salon to another regarding hair color fees, I ended up with Bangs T & J Salon: they have the lowest fees! I am very much excited because this is my first time to try them. 

Bangs is under the same management with Tony & Jackey which offers same services and rates. But Bangs got purely Korean nationals as their main stylists while T & J has both Korean and Filipino. This is based on what the attendant have told me.

It is very timely because they have on-going promos (that happens every month) which could less you from 20% to 45% on their services. I availed their Loreal hair color for Php2100 from Php3100+. Imagine the huge discount! 

I have naturally black hair so I opted for a light brown; ash brown. Actually this is my second time to have the same hair color, my first was year 2012 and done by Ystilo Salon. The color stayed for a couple years until I cut it last July. 
This is my hair before the hair coloring. Dull and lifeless.

I waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before they started the procedure. Mr. Kim (my Korean hairstylist) was the one who prepared the hair color but he let his two assistants applied it on my hair.  I like the fact that they have two assistants doing the application, imagine the time you saved diba? After the hair color application, I was under the steamer (I think) for about 15 minutes. Mr. Kim checked my hair and when he's not satisfied with the outcome, he took another hair color to be put on my hair again. This time, it only stays on my hair for less than 10 minutes and rinsed it off.

After shampooing, the assistants did the blow dry and used hair straightener. When they about to use the hair straightener I was like, WOW ha! That's nice! First time to encounter hair straightener after my hair color is done. I think it was really on their routine. 

After two hours...

I am really happy with the result! :)

1. Well-planned space (they have U-shape floor plan)
2. The salon has its own comfort room
3. They have monthly promos and reasonable price
4. Accommodating staff
5. I love their uniform lols
6. Two assistants will accommodate you so it saves more time than usual

Cons: NONE. 

Bangs T & J Salon is located at 4F SM The Block in SM North EDSA.

You can visit their Facebook page for promos and their branches at

When was the last time you colored your hair? Did you do it by yourself or by a salon? 
Do share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading beauties! 

Much Love,

Mommy Mhaan

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  1. The hair color looks great on you! I'm planning having my hair done too. Maybe paparelax naman ;)

  2. Love the new look!

  3. Ang ganda! I hope I could dye my hair that color as well. I used to frequent Bangs din when I was there. They give great service. :)

    1. I agree, will definitely come back to try their other services.

  4. You rpost remind me that I need to get my hair touched up. Masyado ng mahaba ang roots. :)

    1. Go ahead! Mommies deserve some "me-time". :)

  5. I actually DIY dyed my hair ash blonde a few weeks back and it was epif fail that I immediately bought a darker shade. Never to DIY again and just go straight to a trusted salon! LOL

    1. Hehehe, I used to DIY my hair pero buti nalang it never gone wrong. Downside is, not sure if they were applied equally lols.

  6. Looks great on you! :) I've been thinking about coloring my hair too, but I can't seem to decide which color to go since I never tried it before. I'm afraid any color other than black might not suit me. Haha Well see. Time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new!

    1. Before ash blonde, i used to color my hair dark brown para di gaano kalaki yung transition until I decided for a lighter shade, yung ash blonde na nga. Try it, for sure you will love the results. :)

  7. I had mine done earlier this year at our friendly neighborhood salon haha. The color suits you though, ganda :)

  8. I wanna dye my hair again but it makes my hair super dry :(

    1. There are hair products available in the market specifically for colored treated hair like L'oreal and Pantene. Both works wonders on me.

  9. Nice hair color sis. I used to get my hair done at tony and jackey buendia, i love their overall service although kinda pricey, you're sure naman na your hair is taken care of.

    1. Alam ko nga pricey ang services nila before but now they monthly promos to earn more clients.

  10. I love the color of your hair :) Thank u for sharing this.

  11. Looks good on you and good thing you love the outcome...considering T&J is a pricey salon. Dapat sulit talaga ang service :)

  12. I want to get a digi perm. Need to check their services soon!


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