Make Up Review: My Brows and In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

8:53:00 PM

I usually have thick and unshaped brows when I was young. My first try to groom it was when I was in high school during our graduation photo shoot (wearing make up with your academic gown on). It was trimmed by a gay parlorist using a razor blade. That is when my brow grooming regimen started. During those times, I was satisfied for a 20php trimming from an ordinary salons. I haven't tried to use brow pencils nor powder as I am not fond in make ups until I reach 24 years old. Powder and lip gloss and that's it.

So fast forward to present, I would like to introduce my In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Colour. This is my first brow powder i have tried and I've been using this for 4 years now. I'm on my 2nd pan now so you can tell how thrifty this product was. 

I tried brow pencils before like from Etude House but I still go back to brow powder as I find it easier to apply. I do  my eyebrows almost everyday (except when I stay in the house) and that's how I mastered my eyebrow routine.  

Actually it is very simple: 

1. Outline your desired shape onto your brows .
2. Fill them in using brow powder 
3. Use a spooley to even out the shade and to look natural and voala! Your brows are done.

For me, I don't want my brows to be looked perfectly done, just want to look it nice yet naturally looking. 

For grooming, I go to Browhaus in Greenbelt 5 or The Brow Lounge in Ayala Terraces. I praise their good quality service yet Browhaus is way too expensive (500+php for basic grooming) than The Brow Lounge which is less than 250php. 

1. It costs less than 300php. Sorry can't remember the exact amount as I purchased it last year pa. 
2. You can find it to any leading department store and beauty shops.
3. Have 3 different shades to choose from. 
4. Have a built in mirror and free applicator, however I don't the applicator that comes with it, I use the Marionnaud Eyeline & Eyebrows Double Side Brush instead. 
5. For me its long lasting, I don't need to retouch during the day. 

1. I have super oily skin so the color transfers when I accidentally rub off my brows. 
Me on casual days :)

I super love this product I even recommend this to my friends. :)

Much Love, 

Mommy Mhaan

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  1. I also love grooming my brows. I get them done at brow studio - sm megamall though. Also, I'm about to finish my MAC retractable eyebrow pencil. You should try that! I hope I can put up a review about it in my blog. Anyway, I'm about to finish my eyebrow pencil. Like you, I have oily skin. Is this highly recommended for us?


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